Friday, July 24, 2015

im often confused with my self-identity. as i grow up, being more exposed to the world, i gain knowledge and experiences but it does take time to figure out what is happening, where is that going to bring me next.

i suppose such occurrences happen to every individual, bombarded by random events that shape us in to who we are at every other moment. it truly is phenomenal, perhaps some of us have relived the history of someone, who knows?

since time is a constant change, there is never one point where we stay the same. how crazy is that? then what will we become? what have we become? who were we, who are we, who will we be? this is why i find the world to be a giant mystery, and nothing is more real than the past. it is literally the only thing we can reference from. i'm just excited to discover about myself from who i was the day before. yay!

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