Monday, August 3, 2015

living abroad

one of the greatest joy of living abroad is the luxury of freedom and choice. i mean, to be able to stay abroad is already a luxury of choice, which then opens more doors of opportunity.

living abroad allowed me to compare my life back home and somewhere else,  mainly to be able to witness the contrast of culture, and through such experiences i gain knowledge in a wider scope.

perhaps, it allows you to acknowledge the fact that you can go anywhere on earth (even beyond) and this has a lot to do with space (especially urban spaces). singapore/ hong kong are both very small, and they pose restrictions in physical, mental and spiritual within the aspect of space. to live in a place which is bigger, allowed me to physically feel free and my mind had more space, and courage to try/do more things.

just like able to think something like this, is probably because of staying abroad. ITS AWESOME!

i feel so blessed, thanks mom + dad + everyday experiences + god + life + everything that allow me to be me at this moment :D

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