Saturday, April 23, 2011


it's been forever since i'd wrote something here. okay, so maybe not forever. i attended my school's orientation camp. it was fun. hot, sweaty, loud, vexatious, abhor, whatever. i felt slightly detached during the whole experience, with the mates i'm suppose to hang out with. nevertheless, it was moderately doleful, after all it had been a full 5 month period since i came to know the proggers. good job! hippy hurrah!

by some means, the camp brought some attention for myself. i doubt it's a positive one, still and all, i don't think i'm quite glad with it. throughout my involvement for this particular camp, i have come to a conclusion for the new(some fucking rude freshies) and present students of design. a fairly pleasant one, however i'm not going to expose it. Ha! ugh, i feel so irked. i wanna go party or something. not exactly pleased with this block's class arrangement since i have to make an extra effort to reorder my schedule. :( in spite of that, i'm liking the fact that i am still in the same class as before. so hurrah to that. i am a boring person. yawn. and so, i was on tumblr again, looking at images and what not. found somethings that intrigued me a bit, so i'm placing them here.

I reckon i did no. 1, 2, 8, 14, 15 (i whispered something worst), 16, 20 (responding to the guy or dora in telly). damn, i think i am a freak. :( Damn, school's starting on tuesday. and before i go, here's to somebody...

i hope you know who you are uh. :) 

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