Friday, April 15, 2011

im bored.

i think i'm the laziest, boriest (is there such word?) person on earth. i slept pretty early yesterday, 1am? And then I woke up at 9 for my piano lesson. Returned home, to my bed and sleep again. I keep sleeping. I think i want to fall back to a dream and never wake up. oh no! and then, i went to the library, returned my books and borrowed a few books. Just finished 2 books in one day. And I came back from the second trip from the library. I am really bored and so, I shall make a random funny story to entertain myself and you.

Once upon a century, there lived a girl. She was, and is a normal girl. However, there's something queer, uncanny and particularly strange about her ears. Yes, ears. Why ears? I don't know but there's just something wrong with her ears, her ear lobes. It is freakishly shaped, in an odd way. In fact, it's so incongruous and abnormal, people labelled her the 'ear girl'. It is so strange that even I cannot describe the shape or her alienated ears with proper english words. And so, even though 'ear girl' was a normal girl, her ears were not. In order to hide her deformity, she tried many ways. She curled her hair, wore ear muffles and whichever methoud you can imagine, to cover them, yet people still notice her ears. Poor girl. And so she continued to live with her ears till she isn't a girl but an old lady, today.

The end. I don't think it's very funny because I'm not in the 'mood'. HAPPY NEW EARS!

Let's have a babblement one day.

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