Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i was so bored i'd

decided to cycle to nowhere. and placed the camera in my basket and recorded nothingness.

today, my dad asked me something which was very much intellectually disabled. when i reached the front door and unlocking the gate...
Dad:"So are you back home already?" *while reading his newspaper in the living room*
Me:"No dad, I'm still out in the woods."

I don't know if my dad know that it was actually a snide remark, but I think he laughed. completely mental. the question is. oh, yes, out of boredom, i did pierced my eyes (oh fuck, did i type eyes?! i wish i have the courage to pierce my eyes, then i won't have to see this world ever again but no, i pierced my ear). not like my brain needs anymore holes but what is wrong with me. and i was alone this time. i think i got influenced, i'm insane. INSANNNEEEEEEEE! fuck everyone. i'm not really a misanthrope or being cynical but shit, i can't stand the sight of humans. i wish i'm an ant. so i die fast and small. and my death would be insignificant, therefore, there won't be any funeral for me.

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