Wednesday, June 29, 2011

parenting 102 ...or 103?

i dont exactly have the rights to teach or guide anyone into parenting. but, i do think alike, like all teenagers do. we hate our parents once in a while (though deep down, you are still that little girl or boy who used to hold mummy's hand). nevertheless, there are actually ways of pleasing your begetter, without degrading yourself or your pride. after watching numerous teen movies, i learnt that lowering your parents expectation s of you is the best way to do so.

let's say, you had a test. wait- a math test. and you obviously know you're gonna fail it since you didn't spend your time wisely, like your momma told you to, and wasted it on stalking people on facebook. so, like you predicted, you did fail the test. BUT! you can be clever when you confront (or be confronted by) your parents. so you walked into the living room, holding on to that wretched math paper and promptly handed over to your dad. before you let your parents speak a word, say something like this....

"dad! i know i was gonna' fail but i improved! i really tried all my best but i made some improvements! even mr so-and-so said so!"

by this moment, your mom would release her scrunched up facial expression and go soft on you. because YOU MADE AN IMPROVEMENT! it may be a mark or two, but you didn't exactly lie, righttttttt? so, hopefully your parents, after you lowered their expectations of you, would tell you 'good job son (or daughter) and you can happily go back to stalking your ex while spared from a punishment. and this applies to almost — oh wait i got attracted to the strange screaming voices from the horror movie my parents were watching.............. —everything! even if you overspent your allowance or your parents asking about your debit card. it works! really. at least for me. although i don't have to take any test, i usually get away with it when my parents ask why i come home so late (it's the holidays!) and i lower their expectations by saying i was earlier than the previous night out.

then have to be careful not to lie but twist your words carefully. that's all for today. bye. MOVIE TIME! oh and here's the video i previously said i did

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