Saturday, March 10, 2012

extracted this from tumblr (again).

I'm so scared
I keep telling myself I’m done with this Kony situation, that I won’t drain myself with it any longer …
but I can’t wrap my head around any of this.
It’s just so mind-blowing to me how easily the public got sucked into this propaganda. The video is nothing more than a shameless display of western elitism, the tired ideal of African primitiveness and poverty porn. There is no context behind it. All the producers did was pluck at the public’s heart strings. There’s no mention of important things, like what they plan on doing to rehabilitate the former child soldiers or the current state of the LRA, but everyone bought into it. Even their budget display is too vague.
It’s scary how Ugandans voices’ are being dismissed (some have even received hate mail for speaking in opposition of Invisible Children). It’s scary how the same people on a self-serving plight to stop Kony are also making obscene comments about how racism doesn’t exist in the case of Trayvon Martin, as if the idea of Black inferiority isn’t what started the exploitation of Africa in the first place. It’s scary how Uganda’s newfound oil just happens to coincide with this Kony madness.
I’m just so terrified that Uganda is going to become the next Iraq or Afghanistan. This is literally Osama Bin Laden all over again.

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