Saturday, March 10, 2012

just saw this on tumblr and i really want to share it with my readers!

anon please
I agree with this because of all of the teenagers today who claim to be bisexual.
(Patsy, I await our discussion about this. :])
What in hell’s name is this? How dare you credit other people’s sexuality and gender. You are a bunch of self-righteous assholes that are making an already hard life even harder for the marginal sexualities. How can you claim that something a person is doesn’t exist? You have no privilege to do that. Fuck you.
I don’t think you understood my point in reblogging this. I don’t believe that a lot of teenagers today who claim to be bisexual, really are, simply because I know for a fact, that there are kids who see bisexuality as a trend, and they say they’re bi just so they can be “cool”. I’ve seen it. I know kids who have done exactly that, when they were really straight as an arrow.
That being said, I’ve seen some pretty outrageous sexualities out there, too. Or, at least, things people claim to be sexualities. The thing is, sometimes, they simply look made up. That’s why this reblog is an opinion, from the Unpopular Opinions blog. Because not everybody—in fact, not many people at all—will agree with it. Getting yourself all up in arms over it is just silly.
Yeah, maybe some kids you know do it, but you really shouldn’t generalize. Because you do that, things are so much harder for bisexuals. Even as adults, our sexuality is sometimes treated as a sham or a phase, because of people like you. So stop it. Even if you know a few, or even many examples, you really can’t generalize. My sexuality is not a trend for you to discredit.

No sexuality is “outrageous”. It’s weird that you would see any kind of sexuality as an “outrageous” thing, because it is really diverse all throughout the population, contrary to what you may think. You really can’t know what happens behind closed doors. And if someone decides to bring it out into the open, it really stands out, because most people don’t do it. And just labeling something as “made up” because they decide to bring it out into the open, is just downright stupid and wrong.

It’s not silly when you are clearly ignorant and are insulting a lot of people.
The thing is, I wasn’t generalizing. I was stating that I think there are a lot of people these days, namely teenagers and kids, who are lying about their sexuality for the sake of being “cool”. In that case, it isn’t me who makes bisexuality look bad, but those kids who lie about it just to “fit in” and “look good”.
When I mention an “outrageous” sexuality, I refer to things that are so similar that I really can’t see the differences between them. For instance, pansexuality and bisexuality. I understand the differences and I know that they are different sexualities in the end, but really, I think that calling someone pansexual instead of bisexual is a little silly. That is my own opinion. I know people who are pansexual, and I know people who are bisexual, and I know the reasons for it all, but it still strikes me as silly. That isn’t ignorance, that is my opinion, as unpopular as it may be, and as insulting as it may be to some, or even a lot, of people.
Thinking that some things are made up doesn’t make me ignorant, either. People make things up all the time. It isn’t so ridiculous to think that a sexuality is made up if I haven’t heard of it, or if it sounds just wrong to my ears. That would be taking things with a grain of salt. If someone crosses paths with me, and they have something such as a sexuality that I think sounds made up, then I ask questions. I ask them about it, since I know nothing about it, and sometimes, the name for it simply sounds like they’ve pulled it out of their arses, because I’ve heard it under a different name. Maybe that’s ignorant. If it is, then so be it, but I’m not going to apologize for ignorance. I’d rather ask questions in order to glean myself from it, and be better educated.
So even if someone takes the tame to detailedly explain to your their sexuality, answer your questions and deal with you with patience, you stilldon’t believe that their sexuality exists? You don’t respect it, and instead you think it is “silly”. You think you can just bundle up two things that seem so similar to you that you have the right to just group them into the same bundle, because you don’t understand it. Talk about unearned privilege.

Also, what kind of an explanation is “it just sounds wrong to my ears”? That’s what was the popular opinion on homosexuality a couple of decades back. That it was an illness. And that definitely wasn’t right. And you aren’t right now. You are being ignorant, like the people that believed some kinds of sexuality to be an illness back then.

You really are wrapped up in your own little world and clearly have “I am always right” -syndrome. Good luck with that.


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