Friday, March 9, 2012

HEY EVERYONE! yes. i'd grew A beard! YURHHHHHH lol. it's black.

lol kidding. it's from this site 

Basically, as quoted from the site....

We're atto, a Think then Do Tank based in Belfast. We think and design for organisations all over the world whose values we share and who like a good idea or two. We made this page because we think Kiva is great and we'd like to have a bit of fun while giving them some money.
So make them bankrupt (for a good cause and way), by eithering printing a beard of your choice or photoshop it onto your lovely pretty face.

And they have so many choices for you to choose! I personally find the 'hulihee' fugging hilarious. And here's a screenshot from the site, in case you think im trolling, again.

Each photo emailed to: 

and atto will donate a dollar. COME ON! It's really cute and fun and it's a good deed.


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