Monday, July 23, 2012

HI jelly beaniesdsdsdsdsd

Hi. Yesterday was my first day being a intern. It was an interesting experience. Nah bye!


Ok, I really like my company based on what happened on the first day. I was told to start on a project already.... and my boss made me read children books that talk about poop and farts! How glorious! And their cat is the laziest thing in the wholeeeeeeee skinny worlddd!!!!!

Look at it! LOOK AT. EEET! oh and i was playing neopets whenever i was giving myself a break. although i must add, i shouldnt la hor? Aiya and the route to the office forces me to walk alot and climb mt everest so i reckon i'd already lost 10.98 kg? WHOOHOO. but since its located at a food district, i think i'll gain everything back. TT_____TT


is ma terrific FACE.


and this...and this. FONG YEE, i know you reading this. :)

totally reminds me OF EWWWWWWWW. OK. got to do some werk. 

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