Tuesday, July 24, 2012

yesterday was cha cha CHAA!

hola amigooses! 

YES, that white one to the furthest RIGHT is YOU! yep. herp derp *makes goose sounds* Quack?

So yesterday was somebody's berth deh! YEP ITS THE CARMASULTRRAAAAHHHhH a.k.a carmen tan xiao..... LOL and therefore all the friends assembled together for a ULTRA cha cha cha dinner at a mexican resturant!

specially designed photo! LOL ok im joking. ; u ;


found some old photobooth photos with tabi during CREATIVE TREE PLANTING CLASS. we were gardeners for 4 weeks! *LOUD AND PROUD*!


FLING FLING whoosp! "my hair feels awesome!" B)

LOL this is the funniest photo EVER! pretendnig to be listening to malcomm BUT actually we are NOT. LOL ma' face is too herp derp so i beautified myself and tabi is magikkal. 

Alright amigooses~ I got to GO. CIAO~~

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