Wednesday, April 3, 2013

remembered sharing something really personal with someone who wasn't very personal with. i'd tried. and i didn't know what gave me the courage to but, i did it. maybe, because sometimes all you want is a friend. you know, it's nice being alone and sinking into your own bed, enjoying no one's company but yourself. don't find it lonely, but well... just sometimes....

and then when i see this particular person (can i even call her a friend?????) today...which is approx a year later, i regretted it because she's just not who i thought she was. the great great irony. and i probably regret the most is to be vulnerable to someone who i placed some trust in. also, it's time consuming, disappointing, and upsetting. why did i even do it in the beginning? why can't my blog become a human.

now, a year later, i've tried again. but poured whole lot more soul into it. will i regret, a year later when i look back?

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