Wednesday, April 3, 2013

show all that you'd got!


today was the first day of my design show. i have invited my ex sec school mates whom i (think) was closest with. hopefully they turn up to support dear ol' me. it's a little deafening when i wandered through my schoolmates' works. very varied, yet all really really good. shaking a little inside because ugh, i feel so small. :( consoling myself, it's okay, 'you'll catch up!'

in case anyone is wondering, i'm doing a small project about accidents. it's just a cheeky take and it has funny easter bananas popping out everywhere. literally.

yes yes, it's simply red, yellow and grey. oh shit, maybe i should bring in my development book! someone asked me to show my sketches and i was like :| awkwardness!!!!

this song is so perfect in every way. it's like, MY MIND RIGHT NOW! oh lenka, you are so quirky i love your voice so so much. good night, stranger.

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