Saturday, October 26, 2013

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you go girl! you go girl!!! i'm rooting for you to get over things that you ought to. and so is all your friends; we're all right at your back!

letting go someone is probably the hardest thing. if you don't, then it's most likely that there was never a relationship between both of you. and memories form most of it; the bad and the good. i miss my dog (i know it's not the best example) so much. I still remember the day I first got my dog and all the tiny things that happen throughout till today. hahah, im saying it like brandy died. but she's in her 50s now. but as always, time will heal. though the scar still remains.

well, okay this week flew past again. i swear, ever since school started, every day turns into night in a flicker! i had a short course on typography and it was so fun! the hands-on part, at least. we learnt how to write letters. i should have recorded it, shouldn't i?

also, started cycling around london. i'm still not very confident on roads so i bought a helmet, (touch wood) just in case. :P AND...HALLOWEEN IS COMING. have you gotten your costumes/dressing up ready? because i am!!!!!!!! i make sure to bring my camera along. still have tons of work lining up. till then! x

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