Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ticked off

I didn't manage to get in.

I was a little sad, like maybe 0.9% disappointed. But I honestly knew I had a really good idea. The execution was really good as well. Perhaps, one of my proudest work, ever! Yet unfortunately, there are some other factors (like not able to provide a web based imagery onto the digital platform). Even the lady mention it (that brief 5 minutes of feedback). What really ticked me of that I didnt get it, is witnessing people with ideas, effort and time that arent (in my most opinion) that on par. Maybe I'm wrong to judge, because it is different for every individual. And it's that point where I am this close. I mean, I know there's no way of comparing, and I shouldn't compare. But, come on, if you dont ask yourself why and understand how some things become successful, and others fail; you never improve.

But you know what, I am still fucking proud of what I created! Can't be feel the same about my FYP work (drained off not even halfway through and don't like it in the end) though, it was technically the most mundane 3 months I had in design school.

Guess I really learnt some stuff here, should have thought of broader and be prepared, especially managing time. I really have to stress so much that time management is exceedingly important in getting impressive work produced. Yes, I used the word, 'impressive'.

Probably continue and complete the project once this week is over. Till then. x

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