Tuesday, October 1, 2013


alright, i'm returning because it's nice to write down things in this blog. had this little shit hole for 3 years already! It's lovely to read back the old posts, so i SHALL CONTINUE AND LET THIS LEGEND LIVE ON! fuck...lol

i'd been swearing quite a bit in my head alot recently. it's kinda sad. well, anyway, i'm settling in nicely in london. it's a awesome, friendly and chilly place. enjoy the park strolls and rolls (on the grass) very much. maybe i'll take my camera with me and take some photos and what not. dont like the halls very much. my flatmates are really dirty in the kitchen and it stinks so bad i dont even cook in the kitchen anymore. gosh, i write such boring things. like, as if i've got no intellect. hey, that's not trueeeeeeee................

blargh. there's school tmolo! i better roll into the arms of my bed soon. till then.

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