Saturday, October 5, 2013

wandering along the halls

i was really looking forward to the weekends! i mean, who doesn't? I've visited the british museum today! It was really really crowded with so many tourist. I was imagining myself to be seating alone on the benches and looking at the artefacts and history, maybe sketching or something but it was wayyyyyyy to crowded for that. and walked over to trafalgar square for the japan matsuri. food was overpriced, deadly crowded, stayed that for 5 minutes and went over to the fountain (which i forgot the name!!!) to daze.

school canteen looking like the ikea food hall lol

I just had to show that photo because its so....industrializeeeeeee~


lol the asshole....sorry... 
fucking cool porcelain plates from china, painted by a chinese during 1700
with french inspired drawings!!!!!!!! 

meanwhile, have yourself a smashing weekend...... till then. x

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