Friday, November 15, 2013

home girls

lol. is it funny that im using a ghetto phrase; 'HOME GIRLS'! indeed, these are my 'home girls'. wonderful wonderful wonderful catchup session with these lovely girlies. :D I didnt manage to capture hello-fatcat :((((

retard laughing at her froggy achievement. YAY!! LOL. 

weirdos unite! though we still have a few more missing. haha


somehow jan's pose reminds me of the following.... im sure you agree too! sorry for being mean, but come onnnnn look at the uncanny resemblance! //jazz hands//

we are all definitely growing up. as much as how we all dread about it, it's happening and it won't stop. (cues miley cyrus's we can't stop...omg did i just typed that?) all these new updates is definitely making me want to dance to a$ap's music. idk how it relates, but yes i do! here, here!

till then! x

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