Tuesday, November 5, 2013

unicorn and fireworks

i've 'celebrated' halloween with jacelyn last week. it was uneventful, quite disgusting, really. that was because the club we went to was so packed, it was like a human meat grinding machine. should have gone to the pub instead. but dressing up and hanging out with princess was really fun! omg, her costume is amazing! i dont have a decent photo of myself though. i didnt like my costume. :(

today was lame. had school at 10.30 and a 'lecture' till 12pm and the longest and most draggy break (of 4 hours) and we had a 'induction' for half and hour and school ended. it was not worth the wait, and they could have just email us the 10 mins worth of instructions. :( the schedule planning is quite terrible. 

milan, looking extremely optimist about having her photo taken. :D

sadly, this is the only photo i've taken of the pretty cafe.
had coffee at a cafe round the corner. lovely setting (as you can tell from the recent decorations still up). had so much cake till i literally wanna roll down the hill back to school. *farts*

everyone was so depressed today. probably due to the awful schedule we had since yesterday. it was long, and some of the classes were pointless. :( had to keep my own chin up as well. but after school ended we got our bums off to london bridge to watch an amazing fireworks show! 

mandatory shot to 'show the crowd' lol. and it was very cold. 
bored, cold, emotional. so much in one day. :D
another beautiful shot of milan. her features are
obviously very charming here. HAHAHA
"oyyyyyy, everyone look here!"
look at amy's lashes. so lush. i swear my eye bags can house a family of 20. 
their heads are just in the view for so many shots!
golden piss in the sky! sandy, how inappropriate!!
somehow finding this very tumblr-esque
its so magikarp! look closely for the same head
ive featured way too many times
champagne! KA POIIIIIIIINK! is that even how it sounds like? 
im quite certain that you are already bored of the pictures of these glittery lights. nevertheless, here's a gif of the video i'd shot. the best way i could think of... bringing you to the magnificent show i'd just seen this evening!!!

till then. x 

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