Monday, November 4, 2013

i think i have a huge dislike for guys right now.

with the recent stories i have heard from my friends, my faith in meeting a male that is genuine, honest and not just liking you for the shallow factors, is almost non- existent. i dont want to go on into some full-fletched female empowered post right now, but i am honestly fuming by some of the things guys can do to hurt their partners....or ex partners. whatever.

i dont understand how people can go on confessing their love over such a short period of time. it takes so much to understand even yourself, how can you simply tell them you love them over 2 months? seriously, what bullshit is that? and if girls actually believe that crap, it is literally, crap.  i am sick of guys being fucking horny dogs. LOL....

okay, i am not making any sense anymore. just fucking angry i want to stick cactuses into their assholes. thanks. >:(

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