Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hey hey

How are you? I'm not doing very well. Currently on a hospital bed, watching channel 5 and half heartedly typing this. My asthma had an relapse today!!! Almost died... literally held on to the edge of the table while my dad called for an ambulance. HAHAHAHA.... But im okay now....

I whatapped scorpio boy today. Seriously need to stop my itchy fingers.... because i was feeling lonely and there was wifi. And he mentioned that he would prefer to whatapp, yknow? So i sent a picture of my view on bed.... worst thing ever; double ticks and no fucks were given. man, ive never felt so frustrated about a boy before... ever! i told A.R about it and he said maybe he's confused or something but i think its the classic 'he's just not that into you'... so i'm really really going to stop now. KARMA! After ignoring other peoples' affection, now it's my turn to experience such shitty misfortune. sigh, my head is really a whirlpool now. pray for me to get well soon, and my heart... my poor heart.

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