Thursday, July 17, 2014

hive mind or the single mind?

our mind is a crazy intangible piece of ... i can't even think of anything to represent it because it's amazing and really, just crazy. or maybe, mine's crazy.

these past few days, ive been tormenting myself in the head over a boy. and it's really all my fault. i saw scenes and stories that ive fabricated out of nothing. delusional, and over bearing. it wasnt really ideas that i want to believe in, it's just these 'what ifs' again. i need to cool off, because i feel like im going mental and loose control.

i try to pick myself up
drag my shredded heart 
onward let go of another layer
left behind on the pavement. 
crimson mantras drip from my mouth: 
“let each scar remind me to kiss my own wounds.”

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